The making of ripple sycamore desk

The clients visited the workshop and loved the ripple sycamore, this was part of a whole trunk that had arrived in the workshop and was mentioned in an earlier blog post. The desk was finished with Raw Osmo oil to keep the natural light colour of the ripple.

View the finished desk

The picture shows two pieces of solid ripple sycamore over three metres long and 60cm width, are joined along the waney edge with a narrow infill.

The skeletal shape of the desk is taking form, the drawers to follow with fronts and back panel. 

They were then placed in a steam box for 45 minutes then carefully bent round a forma to get the desk shape. This is always a tricky process as any splitting means you are back to square one.

The finished result, dimensions 150cm x 70cm x 75cm H.

Jonathan FieldComment