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About Jonathan Field

Jonathan’s work has been shown at various exhibitions and shows in the UK and Abroad and by his gallery Connaught Brown of London, most recently at TEFAF in Maastricht and the new British Art Fair in London.

Jonathan is a member of the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. He was delighted to be awarded a bespoke guild mark award for an edition of ten chairs in rippled ash completed in 2017.

“Much of my inspiration comes from the patterns, shapes and textures found in nature, from the micro to full scale aerial views. I like the simple flowing lines of a table or chair and the visual and tactile detail of the wood within a framed structure. Using wood predominantly from the UK, and often salvaged timbers that have a history and a beauty entirely unique to each piece, the distinctive aspects of the timber are often a starting point when considering a project for a client. the selection of the materials, the care for detail and love of the making process are all carried through within each piece for the viewer and user to link with and engage.”

"I like the elegant simplicity of a table to be found at the centre of the home. It is a pleasing thought that a large proportion of my commissions are for tables, the significance of which resonates with me as a symbol of meeting and coming together".


About Andy Gravelius

Andy joined the business in the middle of 2013 and has since become a key member.

He has had an interesting career in the restaurant industry and is widely travelled, before training for a diploma in fine furniture making.
He brings to his work a precise care and attention to detail, coupled with a consistent quality of overview and workmanship that enhances the look and feel of the furniture.


When I was a freelance illustrator I was lucky enough to be working during a period of great creative freedom and opportunity. I developed a technique where I could work very quickly with flowing line and colour and then repeat and repeat freely and loosely until the drawing appeared to be easy and effortless. This love of free flowing lines and curves and the framing of an image has continued to evolve in my current practice as a furniture designer/maker.  

Design from the Heart Still Comes from the Head. Client; BDFS

Economic Balance. Client; David Hillman, Pentagram Design

Pianoforte. Self promotion for an exhibition at the seven dials gallery