Yew table for the South of France

Image 1 - Before making a start: The slabs of yew, the raw materials are laid out to view.

Image 2 - The final stages: The English Yew and black resin dining table will have another application of clear oil before being shipped to the South of France.

Images 3&4 - Crated: the legs and table top are placed in a rigid box crate with lots of protective padding ready to be shipped.  

Elm table

The 4 metre long elm table was made from two pieces of mirror image elm. The top has a thickness of 40mm with plained edge of 15mm giving a lighter look to the top that contrast with the inverted waney edged box legs.

Rippled ash chair packing

Two bespoke guild-mark-award ripple ash chairs for delivery to a Californian client. Every care is taken to make sure the crate is strong and rigid to withstand the journey.

View finished chair

Conference tables

This is the underside of part of the Oak conference table, it shows the butterfly joints and the open waney/live edge which was then filled with a clear resin, each section was 3.4 long. We made four similar sections all with the clear resin infill which then were cut in half and made into the eight tables of 1.6 x 0.8 m size.   

View finished tables

Dressing table

Ash dressing table being assembled. The steam bent ash sections when glued together give a very strong structure.

View finished dressing table

Two jointed pieces of walnut for the Shanghai table

The walnut for this table was from a supplier in the north of England that I visited on one of my searches for interesting timber. It was a whole log that had been cut into slabs with the internal surfaces revealing a lot of shakes - cracks and splits - caused from the shock of falling to the ground, probably in a high wind. These cracks and splits had then weathered to a rich black.

I was not sure what I wanted to do with it at first, it was such a beautiful wood, so I started to experiment with clear resin, filling the black cracks and splits.
The results are stunning, the resin with the black weathered background reminds me of intense pools of dark deep water, the resin also holds the walnut in position stabilizing it from any further movement.

The No 1 of the edition of 2 tables is to be shown at Design Shanghai in March 2015. No 2 is still to be made, this will use the last of this beautiful timber.

View finished table - English walnut table for Design Shanghai

Table for F&E of welsh ash with concrete base legs

The top was made from three curved pieces of ash from the Moor Park estate in Wales. Moor Park house had belonged to the client’s parents. In the stable yard at the back of the house was a small furniture workshop that used the timber from the estate to make furniture for the house and local commissions, over the years a large collection of ash, elder, cherry, oak and walnut had been put aside for the workshop to use.

The family asked me if I would be interested in the timber but also if I would make them a table in ash for their London home that would remind them of their childhood spent in this wonderful place - note the treehouse!

Size; 1 x 2 m with extensions at both ends to 2.8 in length.
The concrete base allows the legs to be as narrow a width as possible to give the sitter more leg room. Finished in a clear matt oil which is used for floors, being water and wine resistant.

View finished table - Table Welsh ash with concrete base legs

Yew table for Jeremy

This is the table for Jeremy before the yew was oiled and the legs attached, it shows the effect of the resin and yew moulded together to look like arial views of sunlit coastal waters.
This table was to be used as a desk - so you can dream a little while you work!

View finished table - Yew table for Jeremy

Yew table for G&M

To design and make an extendable table of this length (330cm x 120cm) with a coloured resin central section was an exciting challenge. A mould was made around the two pieces of yew cut to the correct size and positioned exactly to make a perfect join. The substantial legs hold the yew in its fixed position.

Chest of drawers

This chest of drawers is one of a pair nearing completion, ready for oiling to bring out the beautiful figure of the solid burr maple. The maple used was from the same tree for the Burr maple table.

Burr Maple table

This table is being left open along the inverted waney / live edge, but one other option was to have a coloured translucent resin infill. It is very unusual to find maple that has a consistent burr and glorious figure running the entire length of the slabs. This sadly being the last of a complete log, it has made two tables, one desk, a couple of chest of drawers, a trunk, a vanity unit and two children's beds. The table was taken to the Clerkenwell Design Week and shown in the Platform section, a very atmospheric dungeon - The House of Detention!

View the finished table

The making of oak table with white concrete

The clients wanted a table that reflected their London apartment’s contemporary exposed concrete and steel structured interior. Firstly, rough sketches were made then further dialogue followed with scale drawings showing different curves and angles to the legs. At the same time several samples of different shades of concrete were cast for the client to choose.

View the finished table

The concrete in the moulds is left to dry for several days before removing from the mould.

The concrete is taken out of the mould and left to dry further. The steel bolts running through are for strength but also to attach the curved oak leg uprights.

The finished result - the oak is finished with an application of Lye to bleach the surface followed by 2 coats of Raw Osmo oil to further lighten the oak and then a clear matt oil. Dimensions 260cm x 105cm.

The making of ripple sycamore desk

The clients visited the workshop and loved the ripple sycamore, this was part of a whole trunk that had arrived in the workshop and was mentioned in an earlier blog post. The desk was finished with Raw Osmo oil to keep the natural light colour of the ripple.

View the finished desk

The picture shows two pieces of solid ripple sycamore over three metres long and 60cm width, are joined along the waney edge with a narrow infill.

The skeletal shape of the desk is taking form, the drawers to follow with fronts and back panel. 

They were then placed in a steam box for 45 minutes then carefully bent round a forma to get the desk shape. This is always a tricky process as any splitting means you are back to square one.

The finished result, dimensions 150cm x 70cm x 75cm H.

The making of Yew table with black steel legs

For this design, the client's rebuilt 1930ʼs house had a contemporary interior with lots of exposed steel and timber with a large double height living-dining area. To match this space the table was designed to have a monumental industrial feel.

View the finished table

I took the client to visit the timber yard near Grantham to choose the yew. The picture shows the two slabs before plaining, not often can we get this length and straightness. 380 meters long, 5cm thick.

The picture shows the heavy black waxed steel legs being fitted in the workshop. The oiling has enhanced the rich natural colour of the yew which will darken with age.

The positioned outer side of each piece of yew is made wider by adding along the waney edge with further yew, then cut straight for the table side edges and sanded before the first of three oilings.


The finished result, dimensions 360cm x 120cm x 74cm H

The making of table in solid salvaged English oak

The client had a clear idea of what they wanted having seen one of my tables at a friend’s house. The finished result like the original friend’s table makes use of all the textures and natural patterns of the salvaged oak, when making and sanding it reminds me of aerial views of landscape or river beds - just stunning. The horizontal grain on the legs continues the visual interest.

View the finished table

This is the raw salvaged oak before plaining that was shown to the client for approval. It is unusual to have such curvy pieces and the exciting possibilities this gave.

The finished result, dimensions 325cm x 120cm.

Ripple Sycamore and Burr Maple

The beautiful detail of burr maple and the 3D effect of ripple sycamore below, a complete trunk of each have just arrived in my workshop, some very wide boards of about 600 mm width, a chance to make great furniture!